Self Help – Mind Body Spirit Information That Will Challenge The Way You View Life!

Regardless of personal viewpoint about spirituality, many have wondered what would have happened if Saddam Hussein hadn’t been stopped when he first invaded Kuwait back in the early nineties? Well, this story explores that scenario to its surprising conclusion and then reinvents the scene time and again in a sequence similar to ‘Groundhog Day’ but […]

Positive Effects On The Mind And Body While Maximizing Power Efficiency

Our environment and surroundings have the capacity to effect us in both positive as well as negative ways. A bright and sunny weather can provide us a cheerful atmosphere, exuding happiness and positivism. However a gloomy and dull weather tends to make us feel sad, lazy and even depressed. Constant inclement weather can take its […]

How To Change Perception, Thinking And Behavior

Many addictive and psycho-emotional behaviors are a result of psychological, physical, spiritual, and environmental issues in regard to the individual, and can be successfully treated utilizing a variety of clinical techniques combined with alternative methods. In some cases, medication management may be indicated and can be a helpful adjunct to the therapeutic process. Client success […]

A New Definition Of Body, Mind, Spirit

“We have the means to transmute our lives through a new understanding of information, and through how we use information.” Fred Alan Wolf, PhD I have been a proponent of alternative medicine, holistic healing and wellness for many years. I even became an alternative medicine practitioner and continue to practice as a chiropractor. The idea […] page5